hakunamoussaka asked:

This is important. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind wanting to start again? Think carefully, you could change the course of my life.

hilarioushumorfromouterspace answered:

Ok no pressure on me at all :P. Look, if you don’t, at some point, feel that you’re drifting around then you’re not paying attention. Our society has a habit of respecting solid, still things, and looking down on dynamic, changing things. It’s even built into our language: “change is scary.” “Oh, he’s just a drifter.” are considered negative. Conversely, “settling down” and “finding some stability” are considered positive things. The truth is: NOTHING in the UNIVERSE is static. Everything is always in motion. Always changing. Even your bookcase. Even your desk. Leave them alone for 100 years and see if they look the same. They may be changing very slowly, but they’re changing. Because you ARE the universe, you too are dynamic and changing all the time. You’re always in motion. So when you have those moments, feeling like you’re drifting, empty, you’re just awakening to the true reality of things. You probably only feel conflicted about it because everyone else told you it was negative. It’s not. It just is. And so are you. And that’s more than enough :)

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